Homelessfonts Project by Arrels Foundation.

Homelessfonts is an Arrels Foundation initiative which consists of creating a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless. The idea behind these typefaces is for people and brands to use them in their announcements. All profits are intended to help the 1400 people supported by the Arrels Foundation

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The word “talent”

I think the word “talent” is a empty word to me. I think what really matter in art making and in LIFE is having a huge imagination, having good form and technique of your own, the knowledge and background of your craft, the will to push on when things are not looking so well and above having a open mind on the world and the people that come with it.

Chansey Tangela Kangaskhan Horsea & Seadra Goldeen & Seaking Staryu & Starmie Mr. Mime Scyther Jynx Electabuzz


Kanto Illustrations #113 - 125 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

It’s been a while since our last update on this series but without further ado, here is Part 6 of Piper Thibodeau’s ongoing reimagination of every Pokemon from the Pokedex! There are a lot of really fun and creative renditions in this set, although it may take a couple looks to recognize all of them. Piper has been hard at work creating other fantastic pieces on top of this series, so be sure you follow on Tumblr and Twitter to stay caught up on all her work.

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